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100 Designs of Your Choice


100 Designs of Your Choice

Choose 100 designs from our site & get them as Rendered Images only or with Animations & STL files for best viewing, promotion & manufacturing.
#1 $1600 – 100 4V Renders
#2 $1900 – 100 4V Renders + STL’s
#3 $2600 – 100 4V Renders + Animations
#4 $2900 – 100 4V Renders + STLS’s + Animations

Bonus $500 credit.

As 100 is a lot of designs, we reccomend to make 5 batches of 20 over a few months. 

More Info

Renders - 4 View HD images in 3 Gold Colors = 12 images.
STL - The Standard 3D file format ready for 3D printing.
Animation - Video animation in 1 or 2 gold colors – as samples here. We will assume 2 color animation unless you tell us you want only 1 color.
Bonus – We give purchasers by Feb 28, 2019 a $500 credit in their account for products or file customizations.

Split payments can be arranged. Contact us if interested. 


1. Excluded Designs are ones of our highest difficulty or sets, such our Alphabets sets. When viewing designs, there is a letter beside Customization. Designs with letters A to D, which includes over 90% of our designs, are included with this Offer, Designs with letters E to L are not included.

2. Only Standard files are allowed, no customizations.

Order below. After ordering we will send you instructions.