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Create your Catalog website with over 13,500 3D designs.

Gemstone Bands Program    Gemstone Bands (Link)

The Bermark Gemstones Bands Program is a new, easy way for you to show & sell diamond bands and gemstone with diamond bands.

The bands collection offers a great selection of sizes & colors in 5, 7. 9 & 11 stone versions, with over 25,000 images. Eternity versions will be added soon.

Our site is retail priced and is located on an unbranded domain so you can show it to your staff or customers. Contact us for wholesale prices. 

The prices are in US$, or you are welcome to use the currency dropdown for Cdn$, Aus$, Euro or GBP.  

Pricing is dynamic with instant pricing on 13 different high-quality gemstones & using Diamonds H/I – SI1. 

We Offer

  1. Silver Sample Set of 44 pcs.
    Handset by a diamond setter and made with high quality genuine stones & CZ. 
  2. Website. You can use our site ( or get a personalized site. 
  3. Buy designs as finished products or as files from the Bermark Site. 

More Details on Personalized Site

The site is setup as a link on your site.
We will insert your logo, banners & setup your payment gatewway.
Your choice of metals, currency and markup.


Exclusivity is available.
Exclusivity generally means to your city or district.
We need to discuss to agree.

Other Things to Consider:

1.  Delivery is 2 weeks.
2.  Flat rate for shipping on this program is $35 for shipping & insurance. Any local taxes are extra.
3.  Sizing & laser engraving of Karat & your trademark is free. (there may be setup fee if your logo is difficult.
4.  We have a FTA license for Australia.
5.  Upon request we can split billing to allocate approx. 25% of invoicing to CAD files/Design charge & 75% to physical product.

 Gemstone Band (Link) 


Gemstone Bands Samples

$1000, 44 Silver Samples, Use of website, Free


Gemstone Bands Personalized Website

$500 1st Year. $300 /year renewal or Free if $2000 or more in sales acheived. 


 Exclusive Selling Area

$300/year. The Gemstones Bands site will be exclusive to you in your area. 

                  Only available if you purchase the Samples & Personized Website.



Although we setup the site we need you to do a few things:

1. You need to create a subdomain to be used on your bands site:

 Go to your cPanel (if you don't have access to cPanel, ask your webmaster).
- Create a subdomain.
- Go to DNS Zone Editor; the A record of the sub-domain must point to our server's IP address:

Note: Not all domain hosting companies are the same and there may be some different instructions to do what we are requesting. If you are having any problems following the above instructions, just ask your domain hosting company for some assistance. 

2. Fill out this form & send it to us. 

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