Jewelry Design Shop

Create your Catalog website with over 13,500 3D designs.

Jewelry Design Shop is a website that shows top-selling designs in your choice of gemstones & metal with instant pricing. Click here to see the site.

  • Bands and Eternities are the 1st collection on the site. Halos are next.
  • The site is retail priced & is unbranded, so you can show it to your staff or customers.
  • The products are available as finished products or as files.
  • High quality Sample Packages set with Genuine Stones & CZ are available to coordinate with the site.
  • Site is Free for Bermark customers.
  • A customized site with your branding & markup is available for a reasonable fee.

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Although we setup the site we need you to do a few things:

1. You need to create a subdomain to be used on your bands site:

 Go to your cPanel (if you don't have access to cPanel, ask your webmaster).
- Create a subdomain.
- Go to DNS Zone Editor; the A record of the sub-domain must point to our server's IP address:

Note: Not all domain hosting companies are the same and there may be some different instructions to do what we are requesting. If you are having any problems following the above instructions, just ask your domain hosting company for some assistance. 

2. Fill out this form & send it to us. 

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