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MyShop Catalog

eCatalog Platform Customized for Jewelers

MyShop Catalog is a website package that transforms the Bermark Shop into a jewelry Catalog with the full design database of over 13,500 3D designs. You insert your logo & banners so you can show the site as your own. 


  • Insert your logo, banners, background.
  • Select to show up to 250 designs before login.    
  • Monthly updates of 100 new designs.
  • Upload your own designs if you wish.
  • Use the catalog as a link on your website or on a new domain of your choice.
  • Optimized to work on all devices.
  • Full admin access.

Get Started

  1. Buy MyShop Catalog.
  2. Set-up and personalize your new Catalog website.
  3. Add your own designs, as you wish. 

We Recommend

Our Silver Samples are an inexpensive way for you to show products from your new MyShop Catalog so your customers can hold and feel products, and be assured of quality.


Common Questions about MyShop

Is it difficult to setup MyShop?
MyShop is a user-friendly platform. Setting up the site and inserting your logo, colors & background is straight-forward. We have videos to help you add your own  products. 

Does MyShop integrate with my website?
MyShop Catalog website is hosted on our Server.
Most customers use a link on their websites for the Catalog, so it perfectly integrates with their websites
Or you can present the Catalog independently as a website.

Can I use my URL?
Yes, we will instruct you how to “point” or create a link of your domain to our Server.  

After I buy your MyShop package, can I post your images on my existing site? Can I post images on Facebook or eBay? 
No, we do not offer this. You can only use our images if you buy a design product. Or you can individually buy images from us. Tell us how many you want & we will quote.

How do I get the CAD files of products in the site?
You go to the Bermark Shop & you buy them. 

How does the site look like when it is delivered to me?
We have prepared the MyShop Catalog website to be ready for you to personalize and use. You will need to insert your logo, banners & other personalization.

How do I get new monthly designs?
Each month when we release our new designs, we will upload the new designs to your Catalog.       

Can I add my own designs to the site?
Yes you can. The website is open for you to add as many products as you like.
Does your Catalog support pricing?
The MyShop Catalog is designed to be a simple Catalog with no pricing. If you want to offer pricing  on particular products we suggest you purchase the Renders or Animations and place them on your main website.  

Can I use the MyShop Catalog site as a full eCommerce site with pricing and payment gateways?
Yes, it is possible. Inquire to us and we will explain.

How did you develop MyShop?  

We developed the Bermark Shop website and the MyShop Catalog package by customizing and adding custom modules to an established eCommerce platform called CS-Cart.  You can find much more detailed information  in the CS-Cart Knowledge Base found at