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In Tab "Stones", enter your Gem Stones Details

  • Filter stones by shape.
  • Create any shape, color & size. (Scroll down to bottom of the page)
  • Decide of a profit margin for each stone type.
  • Enter pricing for up to 5 different qualities per stone type.

In Tab "Setting Type"

  • Add as many setting types as you want among 6 different difficulty levels.
  • If you don't know, ask your diamond setter !

In Tab "Setting Price"

  • You can enter up to 6 different prices depending on the level of settings, define your own Setting Types in previousTab.

In Tab "Metal Price" enter your Precious Metal Info & Pricing

  • Silver is used for calculation throughout the site. You can hide it in storefront, but its specific gravity can't be altered or deleted.
  • Create any metal you wish to use.
  • Insert a price per gram in your store's currency.
  • Show/Hide any metal in Storefront.
  • Enter a Specific Gravity for each metal type you want to use.
  • Add a profit margin as you wish.

In Tab "Model Finishing" enter your CAD Files, 3D Printing, Casting & Metal Finishing pricing

  • "A, B, C, ...": we use letters to describe difficulty levels. "A" being the easiest.
  • Then you can decide a volume range (e.g. 2.01 TO 4.00gm) as a 2nd parameter for pricing. You can add as many ranges as you wish for each difficulty level.
  • CAD File prices shown are Bermark's prices (customization not included) in CADcenter.
  • 3D Printing prices shown are based on Bermark's prices in CADcenter and include CAD File prices.
  • Casting prices shown are for information only.
  • Finishing prices show total amount.


  1. Sone setting prices are not included.
  2. Metal prices are not included.
  3. Don't forget to add a profit margin.