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Setup your product options and prices

It's important you remember to save every time you edit or create a combination or option.

  • Ring size options: Click Add global options then select: Apply as link. You can adjust Finger size values in menu: Products > Options > Variants
  • Stone combinations: create as many combination as you want. Just  read the product description shown and edit the details. You can adjust Product description in General Tab.
  • Product Code (e.g. B-13163) assigned to our designs should not be altered. The letter represent the level of difficulty, the number is the product ID number.
  • Metal weight calculation is based on silver, so you must enter the silver weight in order to calculate the weight of any other metal used.
  • Finishing difficulty: choose the letter shown on product code in description.
  • Metal Prices are automatically calculated, you can choose the default metal you want for your product.