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MyShop Domain Setup

Connecting your Domain name to your MyShop website

1 - If you already use a domain with your website, you can create a subdomain to be used with your MyShop website:
- Go to your cPanel (if you don't have access to cPanel, ask your webmaster).
- Create a subdomain.
- Go to DNS Zone Editor; the A record of the sub-domain must point to our server's IP address:

2 - If you have or just bought a new domain name:
- Go to your domain name provider's website (if you don't have access, ask your webmaster).
- Change the NS (Nameserver) server info to be:

Not all domain hosting companies are the same and there may be some different instructions to do what we are requesting. If you are having any problems following the above instructions, just ask your domain hosting company for some assistance. 

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