100 4V Renders + STLS's


Your choice of 100 Designs from the Bermark Database. You get: 

1.  4 High Definition Views  in 3 colors of gold of each design = 12 images per design.These are suitable for use on your website or advertising. 
2.  The STL file of each design, the file suitable for 3D printing on any 3D machine.  
3.  $500 credit in your account that can be used for design customization or other Bermark Products. Credits have a 2 year validity. 

High Definition views are supplied in 2000x2000 pixels.
Over 90% of the database is available for this promotion, all designs A to D in complexity, meaning all except our most complex designs & sets.You can check the design complexity by the letter beside "Customization" in every design.   

Latest Designs