Design Database


3D Design Database & Special Order System featuring

  • Over 15,000 files ready for 3D printing and manufacturing.
  • 100 new designs monthly, from classics to latest fashion.
  • 3D rendering & animation
  • Silicon-rubber molds.
  • Master models. 
  • Silver Samples, hand set & finished as fine diamond jewelry.



We supply STL Files, the standard CAD File format that can be output on any 3D printer. These files can be viewed, sized for shrinkage and support structures can be added.


We use Castaldo rubber for our molds. This high quality material is flexible, long lasting. We add 5% for shrinkage.


We allow 5% for shrinkage, or you are welcome to tell us what you want.  


Renderings are available of any of our designs, in your choice of metal & stone colors.
Our standard is 4 views (4V) in 1400x1400 resolution. These high definition (HD) images are ideal for excellent images on your website & can be used to print in poster size. Be sure to tell us your choice of stones & metal colors in the SPECIAL REQUEST box.


We supply 800x600 Mp4 video animations on both our designs from our design database, & as a service on customer designs. Be advised that as designs become larger/more complex/higher amount of stones, our prices increase as they take more time to render & animate.  Be sure to tell us your choice of stones & metal colors in the SPECIAL REQUEST box.


For the best presentation in Jewelry eCommerce websites, jewelers present both 4V renders & animations in a variety of metals colors & stone types. Although in our design database we offer up to 3 color/stone choices on our pricelist, you can have more. While diamond designs are only needed in 1,2 or 3 metal colors (white, yellow & rose), color stone designs can be supplied in any amount of color stones you want in 1,2 or 3 metal colors.
You are welcome to request a quote for your requirements.     


Our samples are made to the same standards as gold and diamonds using machine cut CZ and hand setting so you can proudly use them to take orders “on the real thing”.
With the high cost of gold and diamonds, plus increasing demand for special order, our samples are an excellent way for jewelers to have a large and diverse range of samples to present to customers in order to secure an order and save inventory costs. They are also quite saleable.
Our Silver Samples are placed on a separate site: 


We have pre-priced most common design customizations,
Tell us the details of your custom requests in the SPECIAL REQUEST text box provided.
Please understand that we have done the custom pricing based on “usual” requests. If we find that your request entails more effort than what we have priced into the customization we will request additional payment to be made.
We suggest you order the “Variation” customization when you want both the stone size changed as well as the rest of the design altered to match the stone size change. Stone size changes are included in this price. 


If you don't want to manufacture, let us do the job!
Thanks to our worldwide experience in Jewelry and our location in Thailand, we offer great service and reasonable pricing. We are special order experts, tell us what you need, we will quote.

  • We 3D print 100's of designs in wax every day that we cast in gold & platinum for special orders.
  • We do high-quality hand setting & finishing.
  • No volume required.