Credits and Discounts

 We Allow the Following Purchase Discounts

  • $300 - $999 get 5% discount
  • $1,000 - $1,999 get 10% discount
  • $2,500 or more get 15% discount

Credit Your eWallet

When you credit your account, you get a discount on all orders you make using the credit, plus have the convenience of paying from your account.

Buy your credit on a separate order before buying product. 

As we operate our eWallet system using whole dollars, when using your credit to pay for purchases, use the next dollar "up" to pay. 


* Discounts are not applicable to eWallet Credit purchases, Special Orders and MyShop website.
* Discount time limit is 1 year from when you buy the credit.
* Credit  Purchases are Valid for 2 years from purchase date. This can be extended by customer request for 1 extra year. 
* Credit Purchases are non-refundable. 






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