Products & Services


3D Design Database featuring

  • Over 15,000 files ready for 3D printing and manufacturing.
  • 50-100 new designs monthly, from classics to latest fashion.
  • 3D rendering & animation
  • Silicon-rubber molds.
  • Master models. 
  • Silver Samples, hand set & finished as fine diamond jewelry.

Silver Samples
Hand-Set & Finished as Fine Diamond Jewelry

  • Pick your designs in our design datatbase.
  • Inexpensive so you can fill your showcases with beautiful samples.
  • Let your customers hold & feel the design they will order. 

Special Orders

  • CAD files or finished products.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Quick Turnaround Time.
  • Email us your requests to
  • Buy credit, will be valid for product purchases and special orders.
  • Be aware that quotations are approximate; give us some work to test our quality & pricing.

MyShop is Jewelry Design Catalog Customized for Jewelers


MyShop Catalog lets customers place their branding on the entire Bermark database as a catalog with no pricing. This website is set-up as a link on your website to show 1000’s of designs that you can easily offer to your customers as the files are available from us.

Let Us Manufacture For You

If you don't want to manufacture, let us do the job!
Thanks to our worldwide experience in Jewelry and our location in Thailand, we offer great service and reasonable pricing. We are special order experts, tell us what you need, we will quote.

  • We 3D print 100's of designs in wax every day that we cast in gold & platinum for special orders.
  • We do high-quality hand setting & finishing.
  • No volume required.

Wax Printing Service
High Precision, Easy Casting

  • Fast delivery.
  • High Capacity.
  • Big size printing available.   

Silicon-Rubber Molds
High Quality, Long Lasting

  • Castaldo Gold Rubber.
  • Made From Silver Masters